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Our Way is classic faith for contemporary people.


Father James E. Furman Rector

Father James E. Furman

The arts play a leading role at Saint Nicholas’ because they interpret the deep experiences of human life. Our way is Anglican Catholicism, a world-wide family of faith.

Saint Nicholas’ is a liturgical church. It expresses and teaches its faith and vision through the structures and actions of its public worship of God. This public worship, orLiturgy, makes use of all applicable arts with a particular emphasis on music.

Poetry, painting, drama, film, musicwe all recognize these as art; but other arts also are highly significant: prayer, religious symbolism, ceremonial and worship, ethical decision-making, study and application of the Bible.


dioceseOur Way is an open way that welcomes children. Our Sunday school operates under the direction of creative and caring teachers. Our Nursery Room is outstanding as a place for loving and experienced care for the very young.

We hope your virtual visit to Saint Nicholas’ will inspire you to visit us in person to share in “our way.”

We must offer special thanks to Father Tim Jones. Without Tim and his web skills we would not have been able to bring this website of ours to you. Tim has his own date in Asia website. We thank Tim for his assistance in supporting our parish. Father Tim can be found at our weekly mass and is always willing to help members of our parish.

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